Become a covenant partner of Calvary Tabernacle International Church and support the ministry in the following areas of it major concern to enhance the Gospel to reach out to all corners of thew world.  Proverbs 3:9-10 SAYS    Honour the Lord with thy substances and with the first fruits of all thine increase.So shall thy barns be filled with plenty and thy presses shall burst out with new wine..

As a  partner with Calvary Tabernacle International Church in God’s divine great commission, you are a vital part of the powerful, end-time apostles that God is raising up to bring salvation, healing, and deliverance to the nations of the world.


Our needs area as listed below :

Sound System


There is need of Sound System that will enable the gospel be heard clearly during crusades, revival church conferences and other church activities. As ministry we look for support towards acquiring the best sound system to cater for all our church activities. Any support towards the  Sound system that goes along  with music including microphones ( all types), speakers ( all types), mixers, amplifiers, drum sets, keyboards, guitar etc that will be used to glorify Jehovah .

The Cost of  the Equipment we require is US$ 20 000

Tent and Chairs


there is need of tent  and chairs for the church and crusades . As a dynamic and church that seeks to bring souls to Jehovah  the ministry requires two tents at the moment one at the main church and the other for the Crusades and revivals .  with own tents and chairs it will be cheaper to have services and crusades. at the church we need Frame Tent , 1000 chairs and Crusades we need peg and pole tents

the costs of tents are

Frame Tents     US$14 500

Peg and Pole Tents US$4599

the cost of chairs needed is  US$ 5500

Media/ Computers  and Printers



Our media department is need of computers and other  equipment to enable the proper ministry administration and production of all the requirements of the ministry  materials, these include, computers, printers , projectors etc. at the moment we require   3 Desktop Computers , laptops, 1 heavy duty printer for posters and fliers 1 photocopiers and 2 office printers and 3 projectors etc

Amount required for these Item is US$10 000

Ministry Vehicles


A proper ministry need vehicles that will be used for effectiveness of its day to day administration and mainly  for the use towards gospel outreach ( crusades/ revivals/ conferences). The ministry will need also buses to ferry other members to the church as  some are unable to travel church on Sundays  and for conferences they will not have enough money to cater for their transport. Praise and Worship team and Outreach team needs also transportation during such events. our desire is to see every Pastor within our church having a vehicle to use for all his/her errands

as we are growing we currently need  at the moment 4 small vehicles that is for Apostle, Senior Pastor,  Evangelist and one for the operations  as well as a Crusade Van ( that will be customized with inbuilt stage ),  2 mini buses ( one for worship team)

Apostle vehicle @ US$ 6500

3 Vehicles each @ US$5000 = US$ 15 000

2 Mini buses ( 18 seaters) each @ 12 500 = US$25 000

customized Crusade van US$18 000




There is need that the church have its on  cameras to cover change events which will be broadcasted on either CD/ DVD etc.

currently we need  three video cameras , 2 still or digital cameras

Video Cameras each  @ US 500 = US$7500

Cameras 250 each  =      US$ 500


Mission House


Having a house that is called mission house is best for the church as e will understand and know that our General Overseer and pastors have a place to .stay.It is important the General Overseer has a better  and big mission house that will be able to cater for the visit by the church pastors and also the pastors at each branch need the house. When they serve the Lord  knowing that they don’t  need to think about rent and their children have shelter they serve the Lord with all their hearts and soul


the price range for the house we require in Harare Zimbabwe will be between US$100 000- US$180000 depending on the location.


You can partner  or sow a seed towards crusades, revival and any other church activities.What you do you transfer the  amount in the account and send a transfer receipt with your details to our administration with amount and how long you partner with us or request a  partnership form.

You can use Western Union or World Remit to Tarirai Chadebah +263772330935 or Eco cash him to the same number. or call + 263 716063036/7

Bank transfers to the  account of our General Overseer  which is
Account Name: Tarirai Chadebah

 Account Name Tarirai Chadebah …………………………
Account Number 0073147602390001
Swift code ECOCZWHX


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